Covid-19 Update 20th May 2020

Following the Government's new guidance and advice for the property industry, we're very excited to announce the RE-OPENING of our office in Hamworthy.

However, the health and safety of our team and our customers is paramount to us and we've put procedures in place to ensure a safe return to the workplace. We'll be employing social distancing and have robust hygiene protocols in place. Please don't be offended when we avoid any handshaking and we ask you to remain in the waiting area at the front of the office.

We've been really encouraged this week by the number of enquiries we've received from people looking to buy or rent a new property – looks like it could be a busy summer. We're expecting an influx of new instructions over the next month, as folks are bound to be sick of the sight of their four walls and fancy a change once the lockdown is fully lifted.

But what is the thing top of most people's minds now? I'm guessing it's health, and keeping themselves and their families safe and well.

Your Property Valuation Options

  • A You can just click here for an online valuation in less than sixty seconds!
  • B We're happy to set up a virtual valuation whereby we'll set up an online meeting so we can see inside your property then talk to you about your plans, expectations, our service and the whole process of selling.
  • C Our preferred option is to see the property and meet you in person. We'll exercise the highest levels of care and consideration to ensure both you and our staff are protected.

Property Viewings

Whilst we are also allowed to conduct face to face viewings, we understand that many people will be cautious about opening up their home, and rightly so.

We can now complete PERSONAL VIRTUAL viewings, using the technology I'm sure lots of you have been enjoying to stay in touch with friends and family. We'll contact the viewer online once we arrive at the property then walk through a live viewing so they can ask questions or revisit rooms.

However, virtual contact can only go so far, so here's how we will conduct viewings and valuations;

Step 1: We ask the viewer a series of health-based questions before booking an appointment. Eg. ‘Are you or any of your close family showing symptoms or been asked to self-isolate?' and explain that a maximum of 2 adults are allowed to viewings, which will be limited to 15 minutes.

Step 2: Ask that the seller opens all the internal doors and allows access to handwashing facilities, then leaves the property, even if it's just to the garden or their car.

Step 3: We'll arrive early to make sure the property is ready for viewing. Once the viewers arrive, we'll ask them to use the hand sanitiser provided and avoid touching surfaces. We'll restrict the number of people we accompany on a viewing so we can follow social distancing rules and wear PPE if necessary.

Step 4: As a precaution we'll ask the seller to ensure surfaces such as door handles, are cleaned and sanitised and towels disposed of or washed safely.

Sales Progression

We have been working on sales progression throughout the lock-down and will continue to work hard in progressing any existing sales already instructed with solicitors. The team can be contacted in the normal way via phone and email.

Rental Property Inspections

At present all non essential property inspections are suspended, we will review this after 1st June 2020.

When they resume staff will wear a mask and we would ask that you allow social distancing to take place. We will not be in a position to touch anything. All visits will be limited to 15 minutes maximum.

Rental Checkouts

The property will need to have been vacated for at least 72 hours before we can enter to inspect the property's condition. Due to the restrictions this may take longer than we would usually expect, so please be kind and patient

Maintenance on properties that are Let

All trades people will be required to observe full social distancing and if requested you will need to vacate when any repairs are taking place. We will be prioritising and carrying out essential repairs at this time so please be patient.

We thank you for supporting us to ensure all our safety during this challenging time. We are here to support you, so please talk to us if you have any concerns.

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